Supported Platforms

Meshery deploys as a set of Docker containers, which can be deployed to either a Docker host or Kubernetes cluster. See the complete list of supported platforms in the table below. With service meshes having sprung to life in the context of Kubernetes, so too, can Meshery’s deployment models be characterized in the context of Kubernetes. A given deployment of Meshery can be described as either an in-cluster or an out-of-cluster deployment. Meshery deploys as a stand-alone, management plane on a Docker host (out-of-cluster) or as a management plane in a Kubernetes cluster (in-cluster).

Platform Compatibility Matrix

Find installation instructions for the Supported Platforms in the compatibility table.

Platform Version
    Docker Engine 19.x and above
    Docker Desktop 2.0.x and above
    Docker Extension 2.0.x and above
Kubernetes 1.12.x and above
    EKS 1.12.x and above
    GKE 1.14.x and above
    KinD v0.7.0
    Kubesphere v3.3
    Minikube 1.2.x and above
    OpenShift In Progress
    Mac - Homebrew macOS 10.12 - 10.15, 11
    Windows Build 18917 and above
Raspberry Pi In Progress