Quick Start with Docker

1. Install the Meshery command line client, mesheryctl .


Follow these installation steps to use Docker and Docker Compose to run Meshery. Users often choose this installation approach in order to run Meshery on their local machine. If you need to install docker, see Getting Started with Docker and if you need to install docker-compose, see Installing Docker Compose.

Meshery repository includes a docker-compose.yaml file. We can use docker-compose to spin up all the Meshery services by running:

curl -L https://git.io/meshery | bash -

Once you have verified that all the services are up and running, Meshery UI will be accessible on your local machine on port 9081. Open your browser and access Meshery at http://localhost:9081. You will be redirected to a social login page where you can pick one of the available Social Login methods to login to Meshery.

Upon starting Meshery successfully, instructions to access Meshery will be printed on the sceen. Take a look at the Meshery guides for advanced usage tips.