Contributing to Meshery UI

UI Contribution Flow

Meshery is written in Go (Golang) and leverages Go Modules. UI is built on React and Next.js. To make building and packaging easier a Makefile is included in the main repository folder.

Install UI dependencies

To install/update the UI dependencies:

make setup-ui-libs

Build and export UI

To build and export the UI code:

make build-ui

Now that the UI code is built, Meshery UI will be available at http://localhost:9081. Any time changes are made to the UI code, the above code will have to run to rebuild the UI.

UI Development Server

If you want to work on the UI, it will be a good idea to use the included UI development server. You can run the UI development server by running the following command:

make run-ui-dev

Make sure to have Meshery server configured, up and running on the default port http://localhost:9081 before proceeding to access and work on the UI server at http://localhost:3000. Any UI changes made now will automatically be recompiled and served in the browser.

Running Meshery from IDE

If you want to run Meshery from IDE like Goland, VSCode. set below environment variable


go tool argument

-tags draft

update /etc/hosts

Suggested Reading