Citrix Service Mesh (CPX)

Service Mesh Adapter Status Adapter Version Earliest Supported Mesh Version
Citrix beta 1.0

Lifecycle management

The Meshery Adapter for Citrix Service Mesh can install ** of the Citrix.

Install Citrix

Choose the Meshery Adapter for Citrix

Click on (+) and choose the of the Citrix service mesh.


  1. Lifecycle Management of Citrix
  2. Lifecycle Management of Sample Applications

Sample Applications

The Meshery Adapter for Citrix Service Mesh includes a handful of sample applications. Some of these applications are from other service meshes and some of these sample applications are general-purpose examples. Use Meshery to deploy any of these sample applications.

  • Bookinfo
    • Follow this tutorial workshop to set up and deploy the BookInfo sample app on Istio using Meshery.
  • Httpbin
    • Httpbin is a simple HTTP request and response service.
  • Online Boutique
    • Online Boutique Application is a web-based, e-commerce demo application from the Google Cloud Platform.

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