Meshery Adapter for Istio

Service Mesh Adapter Status Latest Supported Mesh Version
Istio stable v1.8.1

Try out the Meshery Adapter for Istio

Try Meshery using a real environment right in your browser with an interactive lab. The interactive labs help you get started and learn how to run Meshery and Istio in production.


  1. Istio Lifecycle Management
  2. Workload Lifecycle Management
    1. Using Service Mesh Standards
      1. Service Mesh Performance (SMP)
        1. Prometheus and Grafana connections
      2. Service Mesh Interface (SMI)
  3. Configuration Analysis, Patterns, and Best Practices
    1. Custom Service Mesh Configuration

Lifecycle management

The Meshery Adapter for Istio can install v1.8.1 of the Meshery Adapter for Istio service mesh. The SMI adapter for Istio can also be installed using Meshery.

Install Istio

In Meshery’s UI, choose the Meshery Adapter for Istio.

Click on (+) and choose the v1.8.1 of the Istio service mesh.

Workload Management

The (Meshery Adapter for Istio) includes a handful of sample applications. Use Meshery to deploy any of these sample applications:

  • Bookinfo
    • Follow this tutorial workshop to set up and deploy the BookInfo sample app on Istio using Meshery.
  • Httpbin
    • Httpbin is a simple HTTP request and response service.
  • Hipster
    • Hipster Shop Application is a web-based, e-commerce demo application from the Google Cloud Platform.

Using Service Mesh Standards

Complying with Service Mesh Interface (SMI)

Meshery allows you to analyze the compliance status and functional capabilities of your service mesh. This allows you to compare high-level functional differences between service meshes and verify whether your service mesh is conformant with the SMI specification.

Learn more about the SMI specification and Meshery’s conformance test suite.

Managing Service Mesh Performance (SMP)

Prometheus and Grafana connections

The Meshery Adapter for Istio will connect to Istio’s Prometheus and Grafana instances running in the control plane (typically found in the istio-system namespace). You can also connect Meshery to Prometheus and Grafana instances not running in the service mesh’s control plane.

Configuration Analysis, Patterns, and Best Practices

Configuration best practices

The Meshery Adapter for Istio will parse all of Istio’s configuration and compare the running configuration of the service mesh against known best practices for an Meshery Adapter for Istio deployment.

Custom service mesh configuration

Meshery allows you to paste (or type in) any Kubernetes manifest that you would like to have applied to the cluster. This configuraiton may be new VirtualServices or new DestinationRules or other.

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