Service Mesh Adapter Status Adapter Version Earliest Supported Mesh Version
Octarine retiring v1.0

Lifecycle Management

The Meshery Adapter for Octarine can install v1.0 of the Octarine service mesh. A number of sample applications for Octarine can also be installed using Meshery.

Install Octarine

Choose the Meshery Adapter for Octarine

Click on (+) and choose the v1.0 of the Octarine service mesh.


  1. Policy-based validation that k8s workloads spec are secure.
  2. Visibility of layer 4-7 traffic between workloads, as well as ingress and egress.
  3. Encryption and authentication based on mTLS.
  4. Automation and enforcement of access control policy based on observed traffic.
  5. Threat detection based on signatures and anomalies.


In order to connect to the Octarine Control Plane, the adapter requires the following environment variables to be set:

  • OCTARINE_DOCKER_USERNAME : The docker username needed to pull Octarine’s images to the target cluster, supplied by Octarine. Do not use your own docker credentials.
  • OCTARINE_DOCKER_EMAIL : The docker email, supplied by Octarine.
  • OCTARINE_DOCKER_PASSWORD : The docker password, supplied by Octarine.
  • OCTARINE_ACC_MGR_PASSWD : The password that will be assigned to the user ‘meshery’ in the new account.
  • OCTARINE_CREATOR_PASSWD : The password needed to create an account in Octarine.
  • OCTARINE_DELETER_PASSWD : The password needed to delete the account in Octarine.
  • OCTARINE_CP : The address of the Octarine Control Plane. Example: meshery-cp.octarinesec.com
  • OCTARINE_DOMAIN : The name that will be assigned to the target cluster in Octarine. Example: meshery:domain


Once the Octarine’s data plane services are deployed, the adapter can be used to deploy Bookinfo:

  • Enable the target namespace for automatic sidecar injection.
  • Deploy Bookinfo to the target namespace.


Control Plane

Octarine Control Plane

Data Plane

Octarine Data Plane

Sample Applications

The Meshery Adapter for Octarine includes the below sample application operation. Meshery can be use to deploy this sample application.

  • Bookinfo
    • The sample BookInfo application displays information about a book, similar to a single catalog entry of an online book store.

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