Quick Start with Codespaces

Use Minikube in GitHub Codespace to setup your development environment for Meshery.

To Setup and run Meshery on Minikube :

You can develop and run Meshery in a GitHub Codespace using your choice of tool:

  • A command shell, via an SSH connection initiated using GitHub CLI.
  • One of the JetBrains IDEs, via the JetBrains Gateway.
  • The Visual Studio Code desktop application.
  • A browser-based version of Visual Studio Code.


After starting the Codespace in your Meshery fork, perform the following steps in the workspaces folder in order to run Meshery on Minikube:

1. Start Minikube

minikube start --cpus 4 --memory 4096

Confirm that Minikube is running:

minikube status

2. Install Meshery

$ curl -L https://meshery.io/install | bash -

3. Open Meshery UI

Open Meshery UI and use Meshery. Run mesheryctl system dashboard, if needed, to locate the port over which Meshery is exposed.

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