Meshery Adapter for Nighthawk

Cloud Native Infrastructure Adapter Status Adapter Version Earliest Supported Infrastructure Version
Nighthawk alpha v0.7


  1. Lifecycle management of Nighthawk
  2. Performance characterization

Lifecycle management

The Meshery Adapter for Nighthawk can install v0.7 of Nighthawk. Performance tests of various configurations can run using the Meshery Adapter for Nighthawk.

Install Nighthawk

Choose the Meshery Adapter for Nighthawk
Click on (+) and choose the v0.7 of the Nighthawk.

Performance characterization

Identify overhead involved in running Nighthawk, various Nighthawk configurations while running different workloads and on different infrastructure. The adapter facilitates data plane and control plane performance testing.

  1. Prometheus integration
  2. Grafana integration

Performance tests