Guides to using, operating, and troubleshooting Meshery’s various features and components.


Using the CLI

Infrastructure Management

  • Deploying Sample Applications - This guide is to help users get a better understanding of sample apps
  • Infrastructure Discovery - MeshSync supports both greenfield and brownfield discovery of infrastructure. Greenfield discovery manages infrastructure created and managed entirely by Meshery, while brownfield discovery identifies separately created infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Management - Meshery provides the ability to manage infrastructure for agility, maintainability, diversity, reliability and isolation, security, and speed.
  • Managing Connections - Manage the lifecycle of your infrastructure by registering each infrastructure element with Meshery.
  • Managing Events with Notification Center - Meshery tracks operations performed on your infrastructure and workloads, and provides notification of environment issues, application conflicts with infrastructure configuration, policy violations, and so on.

Performance Management

Configuration Management


πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬ Tutorials

  • Exploring Kubernetes CronJobs - In this tutorial, we will explore how to use Meshery Playground, an interactive live cluster environment, to perform hands-on labs for managing Kubernetes CronJobs.
  • Tutorials - Explore the tutorials to learn how to use Meshery for collaboratively managing infrastructure.
  • Understanding Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets with Meshery - In this tutorial, we will explore how to effectively use Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets for managing configuration data and sensitive information. Leveraging Meshery Playground, an interactive live cluster environment, we'll perform hands-on labs to understand the practical aspects of working with ConfigMaps and Secrets in Kubernetes.
  • Exploring Kubernetes Pods with Meshery - Explore Kubernetes Pods using Meshery in an interactive live cluster environment, through a series of hands-on excercises.