Authenticating with Meshery via CLI

To authenticate with Meshery through mesheryctl you will use the command mesheryctl system login. Upon execution of this command, select your Provider of choice, then authenticate to your chosen Provider.

Get your Token

You can retrieve your authentication token from either of Meshery’s two clients: the CLI or the UI.

  • Get your token through Meshery UI, from the Get Token option.

    Downloading the token

    Meshery Dashboard

  • Get your token through Meshery CLI.
    To get the token through mesheryctl you would have to use the following command and the path to token for authenticating to Meshery API (default β€œauth.json”).

    mesheryctl system login

The need for authentication to Meshery provider is to save your environment setup while also having persistent/steady sessions and to be able to retrieve performance test results.

For an exhaustive list of mesheryctl commands and syntax:

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