Meshery is for all cloud and cloud native infrastructure

Meshery is an extensible engineering platform for the collaborative design and operation of cloud and cloud native infrastructure and applications.

Kubernetes-centric. Kubernetes not required.

Infrastructure diversity is a reality for any enterprise. Whether you’re running a single Kubernetes cluster or multiple Kubernetes clusters, on one cloud or multiple clouds, you’ll find that Meshery supports your infrastructure diversity (or lack thereof).

Meshery’s Functionality

Meshery supports all Kubernetes-based infrastructure including many cloud services of AWS and GCP platforms. Meshery features can be categorized by:

Lifecycle Management (Day 0, Day 1)

  • Cloud and cloud native provisioning
  • Discovery and onboarding of existing environments and workloads
  • Registry and configuration of WebAssembly filters for Envoy

Configuration Management (Day 2)

  • Cloud native patterns catalog
  • Configuration best practices
  • Policy engine for relationship inference and context-aware design


  • Multi-player infrastructure design and operation

Performance Management

  • Workload and performance characterization with both built-in and external load generators
  • Prometheus and Grafana integration

Interoperability and Federation

  • Integration with thousands of cloud services and cloud native projects
  • Manage multiple cloud and cloud native environments concurrently
  • Connect to multiple clusters independently

Design patterns and Meshery Catalog

Through Models, Meshery describes infrastructure under management, enabling you to define cloud native designs and patterns and then to export those designs and share within the Meshery Catalog.

Meshery is for engineering teams

Whether you are a Platform Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Developer, or Operator, Meshery provides a platform for you to collaborate on the design and operation of your cloud native infrastructure.

Whether making a Day 0 adoption choice, a Day 1 configuration and provisioning, or maintaining a Day 2 deployment, Meshery has useful capabilities in either circumstance. Targeted audience for Meshery project would be any technology operators that leverage Cloud and cloud native infrastructure.

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