Install Meshery on Kubernetes Using Helm


  1. Helm should be installed on your local machine.
  2. You should have access to the cluster/platform where you want to deploy Meshery.
  3. Ensure that the kubeconfig file has the correct current context/cluster configuration.

Install Meshery on Your Kubernetes Cluster Using Helm

helm repo add meshery helm install meshery meshery/meshery --namespace meshery --create-namespace helm install meshery-operator meshery/meshery-operator

Optionally, Meshery Server supports customizing the callback URL for your remote provider, like so:

helm install meshery meshery/meshery --namespace meshery --set env.MESHERY_SERVER_CALLBACK_URL=https://custom-host --create-namespace

Customizing Meshery’s Installation with values.yaml

Meshery’s Helm chart supports a number of configuration options. Please refer to the Meshery Helm chart and Meshery Operator Helm Chart for more information.

Accessing Meshery UI for Clusters

To access Meshery’s UI , please refer to the accessing-ui guide for detailed instructions.

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