mesheryctl Command Reference

Global Commands and Flags

command flag function Usage
mesheryctl   Displays help about any command. mesheryctl
  version Displays the version of the Meshery Client (mesheryctl) and the SHA of the release binary. mesheryctl system version
  config configures Meshery with the kubeconfig, generated with the help of user details, to provide cluster access for public clouds(GKE/EKS). mesheryctl system config gke --token "PATH TO TOKEN"
  mesheryctl-config (optional) path to Meshery Client (mesheryctl) configuration file (~/.meshery/mesheryctl.yaml) to overrides defaults. mesheryctl perf <args> --mesheryctl-config=~/.meshery/mesheryctl.yaml
  help Displays helpful information about any command. mesheryctl --help

Meshery Lifecycle Management

Installation, troubleshooting and debugging of Meshery and its adapters.

command arg flag function Usage
system       mesheryctl system
  log   Starts tailing Meshery server debug logs. mesheryctl system log
  reset   Resets meshery.yaml with copy from Meshery repo. Warning - Any local changes will be overwritten. mesheryctl system reset
  completion   Generates completion script. mesheryctl system completion [bash\|zsh\|fish]
  stop   Stop all Meshery containers. mesheryctl system stop
  update   Pull new Meshery images from Docker Hub. Does not pulls new mesheryctl client. This command may be executed while Meshery is running. mesheryctl system update
  status   Displays the status of Meshery’s containers (server and adapters). mesheryctl system status
  start   Start all Meshery containers. mesheryctl system start
  config   Configures Meshery to use a Kubernetes cluster. mesheryctl system config gke --token ~/Downloads/auth.json
  help   Displays help about any Meshery lifecycle management command. mesheryctl system --help
  start –reset (optional) reset Meshery’s configuration file to default settings. mesheryctl system start --reset
  stop –reset (optional) reset Meshery’s configuration file to default settings. mesheryctl system stop --reset
  start –skip-update (optional) skip updates available in Meshery. mesheryctl system start --skip-update

Performance Management

command flag function Usage
perf   Performance management - baselining and testing. mesheryctl perf --name "a quick stress test" --url --qps 300 --concurrent-requests 2 --duration 30s --load-generator wrk2
  –concurrent-requests (optional) Number of concurrent requests (default) 1 --concurrent-requests 10
  –url (required) URL of the endpoint send load to during testing. http://my-service/api/v1/test
  –qps (optional) Queries per second (default) 0 (0 - means to use the CPU unbounded to generate as many requests as possible. --qps 30
  –load-generator (optional) Choice of load generator - fortio (OR) wrk2 (default) fortio --load-generator=fortio
  –mesh (optional) Name of the service mesh. (default) empty string  
  –duration(optional) Duration of the test. 10s, 5m, 2h
  –name (optional) A memorable name for the test. (default) a random string  
  –file (optional) URI of the service mesh performance test configuration file. (default) empty string --file soak-test-clusterA.yaml
  –help, -h Displays help the performance management command. mesheryctl perf --help

Service Mesh Lifecycle Management

command arg flag function Usage
mesh     Lifecycle management of service meshes  
  init   Provision a service mesh  
    –platform Identify platform to provision service mesh on (e.g. Docker, K8s) --platform docker
    –profile Use specific configuration profile --profile mTLS
    –help, -h Displays help about any service mesh lifecycle management command. mesheryctl help