mesheryctl perf

Performance Management


Performance Management & Benchmarking

mesheryctl perf [flags]


Run performance test

mesheryctl perf apply test-3 --name "a quick stress test" --url --qps 300 --concurrent-requests 2 --duration 30s

List performance profiles

mesheryctl perf profile sam-test

List performance results

mesheryctl perf result sam-test

Display Perf profile in JSON or YAML

mesheryctl perf result -o json
mesheryctl perf result -o yaml


-h, --help help for perf -o, --output-format string (optional) format to display in [json|yaml] -t, --token string (required) Path to meshery auth config -y, --yes (optional) assume yes for user interactive prompts.

Options inherited from parent commands

--config string path to config file (default "/home/runner/.meshery/config.yaml") -v, --verbose verbose output

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