Troubleshooting Meshery Installations

Meshery’s Preflight Checks

Anytime a mesheryctl system command is executed, a series of preflight checks are run. An attempt will be made to connect to the Kubernetes cluster configured in the user’s kubeconfig as their current-context .

  1. Check whether mesheryctl can initialize a Kubernetes client.

    Situation: mesheryctl fails to query for pods in the default namespace of the user’s current Kubernetes context.

  2. Remove ~/.meshery to reinitialize Meshery

    Situation: Unable to start Meshery Server with make run-local due to error of key/value size is invalid

Meshery Operator

Meshery Broker

Example of a healthy Meshery Broker server with an actively connected (subscribed) Meshery Server:

➜  ~ kubectl logs -n meshery meshery-broker-0 nats
[8] 2021/09/08 21:46:03.070952 [INF] Starting nats-server version 2.1.9
[8] 2021/09/08 21:46:03.070982 [INF] Git commit [7c76626]
[8] 2021/09/08 21:46:03.071308 [INF] Starting http monitor on
[8] 2021/09/08 21:46:03.071370 [INF] Listening for client connections on
[8] 2021/09/08 21:46:03.071512 [INF] Server id is NAAYJNX4LDDNXW5UE7IP7PRQR2W2JP546XSFNUWQQHN7JYY27RG47KSG
[8] 2021/09/08 21:46:03.071516 [INF] Server is ready

For details about the state of the Meshery Server subscription see the http monitor port on Meshery Broker.

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