Meshery v0.4.2

Released on August 17, 2020

What’s new?

  • Features

    • Update CRUD operations on test config
    • Fix for unwanted snackbar in perf preferences tab
    • Add validation for protocol in URL
    • Initialize OSM adapter for Meshery
    • Add new command restart to mesheryctl
  • Maintenance

    • Fix broken ci for ui tests
    • Optimize images
    • Remove redundant step from docker push
  • Documentation

    • Remove broken links from table of supported platforms
    • Remove example of brew upgrade mesheryctl output
    • Create file
    • Fix documentation site broken links
    • Fix broken link to SMP in
    • Upgrade Meshery Kuma Adapter to beta
    • Update adapter docs
    • Add logos to assets folder
    • Add Open Service Mesh to list
    • Fix typo error in App Mesh Adapter description
  • Bug Fixes

    • Create/Delete/Read on user test profiles
    • Fix for the results page
    • Fix releaseDrafter configuration file