Meshery v0.5.40

Released on July 27, 2021

What’s New

🔤 General

  • patch NavigatetoBrowser for missing xdg-open @navendu-pottekkat (#3665)
  • added swagger api video link to docs @warunicorn19 (#3663)
  • added check for docker or kubernetes platform @nehaLohia27 (#3562)
  • Migrated GraphQL resolver logic to models @dhruv0000 (#3652)
  • [mesheryctl] Added PreRunE Health Checks for multiple system commands @piyushsingariya (#3649)
  • Open API Docs /system endpoint @piyushsingariya (#3641)
  • [UI] Bulk selection and delete operation in Filters UI @Chadha93 (#3650)
  • Update @sayantan1413 (#3648)

📖 Documentation

  • [Docs] Open API: Provider endpoint @piyushsingariya (#3578)

👨🏽‍💻 Contributors

Thank you to our contributors for making this release possible: @Chadha93, @Nikhil-Ladha, @dhruv0000, @leecalcote, @navendu-pottekkat, @nehaLohia27, @piyushsingariya, @sayantan1413 and @warunicorn19