Meshery v0.5.46

Released on August 13, 2021

What’s New

🔤 General

  • [mesheryctl] added test for view and list @Revolyssup (#3861)
  • [mesheryctl] Avoid returning error if browser fails to open after starting meshery @Revolyssup (#3871)
  • [mesheryctl] Unit Tests for mesheryctl app @suhaniii (#3814)
  • Quick refactor @metonymic-smokey (#3851)
  • [mesheryctl] exit codes in mesh validate sub commands @DelusionalOptimist (#3864)
  • [CI] Updated the github workflow for swagger docs @sayantan1413 (#3867)
  • Added the unit test for mesheryctl system restart command @Shreyas220 (#3858)
  • [mesheryctl] fix bugs in mesheryctl mesh sub commands @DelusionalOptimist (#3850)
  • added documentation for the eslint plugin @warunicorn19 (#3859)
  • [mesheryctl] Enhanced error for mesherycytl exp filter list @Revolyssup (#3849)
  • [meshery] Shifting /application/ endpoints from “experimental” @piyushsingariya (#3852)
  • [Docs] Updated description of Hipster store sample app @afzal442 (#3842)
  • [UI] block fetch to grafana or prometheus if not configured @bariqhibat (#3847)
  • added swagger docs and fixed the error @warunicorn19 (#3839)
  • Fix a typo in connection wizard step two @sudo-NithishKarthik (#3832)

🚀 Features

  • [mesheryctl] Fixing mesheryctl filter command @piyushsingariya (#3843)

🧰 Maintenance

  • Bump next from 11.0.1 to 11.1.0 in /provider-ui @dependabot (#3866)

📖 Documentation

  • add meshery docs release for v0.5.40 @nehaLohia27 (#3846)
  • Fix broken links in Docs #3764 @sgibson19 (#3818)
  • [Docs] Release notes for v0.5.38 added @ghulamyazdani-bot (#3804)

👨🏽‍💻 Contributors

Thank you to our contributors for making this release possible: @DelusionalOptimist, @Revolyssup, @Shreyas220, @adithyaakrishna, @afzal442, @bariqhibat, @dependabot, @dependabot[bot], @ghulamyazdani-bot, @leecalcote, @metonymic-smokey, @navendu-pottekkat, @nehaLohia27, @piyushsingariya, @sayantan1413, @sgibson19, @sudo-NithishKarthik, @suhaniii and @warunicorn19