Meshery v0.6.50

Released on February 07, 2023

What’s New

πŸ”€ General

  • Update Dockerfile to fix permission issue @Revolyssup (#7016)
  • new edge type relationships @MUzairS15 (#7005)
  • Fix apiVersion bug in dynamically generated Kubernetes components @Revolyssup (#7001)

πŸ–₯ Meshery UI

  • fix modal behaviour @MUzairS15 (#7024)
  • [UI] Extensions style bugs fix which were affecting light mode. @Chadha93 (#7017)
  • Turn configuration option blue on selection @mohit-marathe (#7011)
  • [UI] Footer color fix for dark mode light mode and playground @Chadha93 (#7010)

πŸ“– Documentation

  • Krishna2323/enhancement/docs website @Krishna2323 (#6639)

πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’» Contributors

Thank you to our contributors for making this release possible: @Chadha93, @GaganpreetKaurKalsi, @Krishna2323, @MUzairS15, @Revolyssup, @acald-creator, @l5io, @leecalcote, @mohit-marathe and l5io