Meshery v0.6.55

Released on February 24, 2023

What’s New

🔤 General

  • Complete prettification flow @Revolyssup (#7185)
  • Fix whitespacing issue @Revolyssup (#7182)

⌨️ Meshery CLI

  • Replace the older GetLatestReleaseTag function with meshkit function @Revolyssup (#7188)
  • fix wrongly handled error causing panic in mesheryctl @Revolyssup (#7189)

🖥 Meshery UI

  • [UI][FIX] Disabled Signup button for the users who already have the extension/the capability to use meshmap @krishna9304 (#7177)
  • [UI][FIX] Retained the expected behaviour for consecutive clicks on the K8sContextMenu icon and Settings icon respectively @krishna9304 (#7186)
  • feat: rjsf dependency upgrade to v5 @harkiratsm (#7060)
  • Fix NATS/MeshSync connectivity test @MUzairS15 (#5866)

🧰 Maintenance

  • [chore] Improve Extension Proxy @theBeginner86 (#7184)
  • [chore] Update Remote Provider URL for dev env @theBeginner86 (#7183)

👨🏽‍💻 Contributors

Thank you to our contributors for making this release possible: @Abhishek-kumar09, @MUzairS15, @Revolyssup, @harkiratsm, @krishna9304, @leecalcote, @theBeginner86 and l5io