mesheryctl mesh deploy

Deploy a service mesh to the Kubernetes cluster


Deploy a service mesh to the connected Kubernetes cluster

mesheryctl mesh deploy [flags]


Deploy a service mesh from an interactive on the default namespace

mesheryctl mesh deploy

Deploy a service mesh

mesheryctl mesh deploy linkerd

Deploy Linkerd mesh on a specific namespace

mesheryctl mesh deploy linkerd --namespace linkerd-ns

Deploy Linkerd mesh and wait for it to be deployed

mesheryctl mesh deploy linkerd --watch


-h, --help help for deploy -n, --namespace string Kubernetes namespace to be used for deploying the validation tests and sample workload (default "default") -t, --token string Path to token for authenticating to Meshery API -w, --watch Watch for events and verify operation (in beta testing)

Options inherited from parent commands

--config string path to config file (default "/home/runner/.meshery/config.yaml") -v, --verbose verbose output


Usage of mesheryctl mesh deploy mesh-deploy-usage

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