Meshery provides performance reports, including performance test results, node resource metrics etc. so that operators may easily understand the overhead of their service mesh’s control plane and data plane in context of the overhead incurred on nodes running within the cluster. In order to generate performance test reports of service meshes and their workloads, Meshery uses Grafana and/or Prometheus as visualization and metrics systems, respectively. This guide outlines the requirements necessary for Meshery to connect to these systems. The steps may vary depending upon the service mesh and its configuration.

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What are Meshery Models?

Meshery Models are foundational components within Meshery, a cloud-native management plane that facilitates the management of multi-cloud and cloud-native applications and infrastructure.

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How to use the Meshery Registry

The Meshery Registry is a critical component acting as the central repository for all capabilities known to Meshery.

Using Meshery CLI

To register a model using the Meshery CLI, you can use the mesheryctl command to import a model from a specified path:

mesheryctl model import -f <path-to-model> 

Using Meshery UI

You can also register a model through the Meshery UI:

  • Navigate to the Settings β†’ Registry page.
  • Click the "Import" button.
  • Select the model you want to import.
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