Cert Manager

Cloud native certificate management with Cert Manager and Meshery

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What are Meshery Models?

Meshery Models are foundational components within Meshery, a cloud-native management plane that facilitates the management of multi-cloud and cloud-native applications and infrastructure.

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How to use the Meshery Registry

The Meshery Registry is a critical component acting as the central repository for all capabilities known to Meshery.

Using Meshery CLI

To register a model using the Meshery CLI, you can use the mesheryctl command to import a model from a specified path:

mesheryctl model import -f <path-to-model> 

Using Meshery UI

You can also register a model through the Meshery UI:

  • Navigate to the Settings β†’ Registry page.
  • Click the "Import" button.
  • Select the model you want to import.
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